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Kelly Rae Smith This album is so vulnerable yet so confident. I love Faline's sultry voice, clever, layered compositions, and honest lyrics. She's telling stories and learning lessons and venting, and by the end she comes across as the victor, in charge of her own life and her own sound. These songs make the listener feel like they're part of the journey, and we can't wait to see (and hear) where she'll go next. Favorite track: Valet.
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released April 1, 2015




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FALINE Charleston, South Carolina

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Track Name: She Sank South
Color of your blood as it came leaking out from your face.
Must have missed my mark when I was looking for a head to blame.
Care to share your thoughts on disregarding all your wins and losses?
By the ending you were so exhausted, from the start you'd already lost it,

There was a scar, there was a stain.
There was no chair.
There was a broken window pane,
and your black hair.

Now I see:
You came looking for Angelina.
She sank south to West Palm Beach
where she stays warm and out of reach.
Track Name: Valet
Everyone was well dressed, in fancy cars
carelessly doing donuts in the gravel valet parking lot.
I was running from a dirty chicken fight.
I had a knife in my left kneecap and a bullet in my right.
I lost my ground in Central Park,
I started gambling after dark.
Now I'm in shambles and my dog has lost her bark.
I'll climb my way out of this ditch,
cover it up with blood and spit,
and I'll be damned if I've not learned my lesson yet.

And everything you wanted me to do was what I did.
It was a challenge just to keep your belly fed.
I'm permanently sentimental, basking in regret,
I'm sad and tired but at least my ends are met.

A sorry sight for my sore eyes.
An honest try at a goodbye.
I'm drawn to you just like a bull to a red flag.
I left my number in your phone,
its listed under "filthy whore".
You can call it if you ever need a friend.
I am not dumb to all your tricks,
I know just how you get your kicks.
And I'm still giving if you want to take some more.
The cemetery closed at six and that gazebo is too well lit.
It'd suit me fine if you just fuck me in your car.

And everything you wanted me to do was what I did.
It was a challenge just to keep your belly fed.
I'm permanently sentimental, basking in regret.
I'm sad and tired but at least my ends are met.

Ain't it funny all this pain we can endure?
Ain't they obvious those signs that we ignore?
Are we still worthy of a little something more?
Why am I still hungry in this Godforsaken form.
I wound up trading my white wings for two black horns.

And everything I wanted you to do was what you did.
Was it a chore to have me messing with your head?
You're falling short of your potential,
losing your own grip.
You're sad and tired and you've been denying it.
I'm sick of trying to live up to second best.
Track Name: Illinois
You were done and I could tell it when I licked you up and down.
In the bathroom you were laughing as my veil fell to the ground.
Picking pennies from a fountain, pulling wishes from the well.
On the rooftop, tempted God and left Him playing with himself.
Fabric leaves sewn to the trees, painted autumn red and brown.
I could pluck them, one by one, and bring you winter all year round.

With my son, when he was younger.
Baking birthday cake for you.
Met my daughter in a dream
And she was calling out for

Eleanor, in Illinois, its trailer parks and mobile homes,
Burning down just like the forests on the California news.
Stable ground ain't what you get from digging holes and burning bridges.
Rest assured, you'll learn to want not for these things you don't deserve.

Baby tame your temper, no use acting like a child.
If you go on like that, I swear I'll leave you high and dry.

All in all
I came undone
And I blamed it all on you.
You were wrong
But its my fault
And now there's nothing we can do
And I blame it all on you
Track Name: Cycle of the Seasons
We cannot near lose ourselves in order to uphold our vows.
The harvest is in need of work, only our hands can bring to worth.
There is a life that springs from darkened soil to reach the sun that shines.
Below its roots all shake with life with gratefulness un-bounding.

It does not require much tending to
Its appetite is retentive.
But fertile are the flowers that will take bloom.
When spring descends on us gently.

In between the cycle of the seasons we will all rejoice.
There is much to be done in waiting,
save those things of poorer choice.
The seed we've sewn will grow til rich with wealth in love surrounding.
Track Name: Echo
It is null, an aching hole.
Overdone and fallible.
Cannot give what is not wanted
Cannot live for someone else.
What I want, it moves in circles,
hot and cold like a twisted hurricane.
I have watched it turn this city
into a looming devil's domain.
His warm extended hand.
That pious gentleman.
Lift me up to the blinding sun.
Make me pray for the night time to come.
It is exactly what I wanted.
That pious blackened heart.
It is exactly what I needed.
And it has torn me apart.
Track Name: Gimme
Come and see me when you hear my name.
Do you need me treating you the same?
Ain't there something eating at your heart?
Ain't it nothing keeping us apart.

I don't remember the way that it's supposed to be.
I lost my interest when nature made a fool out of me.

Do you miss me riding on your back?
Did you lose your interest in my better half?
Come and get you some of what you lack.
I've made it easy.
You come crawling back.

I dont remember the way that it's supposed to be.
I smell the bullshit when people get close to me.
I learned a good thing is never quite what it seems.

I claim my place in line now give me what is mine.
Track Name: Weeping Riversides
Can we sleep when we get home?
I want to wait until the morning comes.
To see the leaves all glowing green,
to watch your eyes when they are seeing dreams.
When one is close with a distant thing,
there is no comfort that the near can bring.
If we should all not reach the end,
let us remember how well time can mend.

And sing for weeping riversides when they find they're running dry.
And all the life, you can hear it cry.
All will die with it, sweetly, by and by.

But for now, we can swim across.
Watch how the current takes what all's been lost.
We must push passed dead and drowning men
and learn to leave them in the state they're in.
Ask not what comes after the river ends,
think not what has passed for it can't be again.
Track Name: Running Man
Never shown how to shoot a shotgun, it fits just like a glove.
My mama never taught me not to give away my love.
My Daddy was a running man, I got his steady hand.

Catch your love, shoot it down, round it up.
Stuff your doves in a bloody sac.
Feed your killings to your friends and let them starve until you get back.
My Daddy was a running man, I got his steady hand.

Trigger happy, take her nice and easy.
Won't get nowhere with a shaky hand.
Lucky finger do your best to please me.
Want to skin me up a Holy Lamb.
My Daddy was a running man, I got his steady hand.

Have you heard? The town is talking.
Flies are buzzing 'round the rumor mill.
It nearly drove my off my rocker,
sharing water from they're poisoned well.
And I fear it has been coming,
I've been sleeping with a loaded gun.
And its time you start your running,
its the chase that makes it so much fun.
My Daddy was a running man, I got his steady hand.
Track Name: Xmas Fire
I thought I'd write a letter
Thought I'd try to assign words to every object in my heart that makes me ill.
But I found nothing to say, there are no words that could explain this dulling hatred in my heart against my will.
Pages from my book that recall memories of my hells, each one chipping little pieces from my smile.
The fire's throwing numbers out into the dark, lighten up you Christmas tree.
Night turned into day when all of your branches caught the flames, and you shone just like the sunlight down on me.
Caught my hair on fire but I killed it with my sleeve,
Before your heat could kill the cold that I let live inside of me.
In that burning wood I could see faces staring back, in writhing pain they call out to me for the courage that I lack.
I have been bad people, I have been a bad woman.
You mark me not by who I was but by who I choose to become.
And when I'm at my weakest, hang me high above the clouds.
Let me float out of the orbit I am bound to on the ground.
Track Name: Bundle of Linen
You could cut my hair and then sell it
And get you some money for something I don't need.
Or you could wrap my heart up in linen
and just fucking leave it somewhere I can't find.
Or you could bind both my hands with your reasons
for being the white one when you deconstruct my black.
Or you could clip both my wings and display them
in your shadow box on your windowsill.
But I would, I'd be damned if you didn't
remember my name come your dying day.
Track Name: Southern Pastor
I went to bed with a southern pastor just to prove to myself he was a cheating bastard
The sermon he spoke revealed as a joke to me
The choir was crying over baby Jesus who was stolen away from his Nativity scene.
But the Mary in me was breathing a sigh of relief.
Because I saw you running along with that
baby Jesus tucked under your arm and
God damned us both from the start but
from Him you cannot hide.
I followed you down behind the church's garden.
I listened to you as you pitched me your bargain.
I beat you to death with your baby Jesus.
And waited until the mass came to greet us.
We carried you back to the heavenly altar.
You fit like a glove in that empty manger.
The light from above was shining with love and peace.
Let God shed his Mercy on you and you will
be sure to get what is coming to you
It's not use in beginning to erase or undo what you've done.
This is your own demise.
From it you cannot hide.
From Him you cannot hide.